ClubChrisFM 2009 Fireworks Mix

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Wow... its July already and it definitely feels like it outside! Well, as if it wasn't hot enough, here is a new mix that will hopefully make you sweat. :-P Since I've been sharing these on Facebook, many have commented that they favor the harder mixes/parts of my mixes better. Since I will never give up my happy discoey songs, I'll just try to get to the more "peak-hour" music sooner in the mix. In addition, I have been tweaking the ClubChrisFM Sparkle FiltersTM®© somewhat. I think I've been driving the volume with somewhat of a lead foot, so that has been adjusted such that this mix may not sound as "loud" overall, but you should notice better dynamic contrast and clarity.

A few songs of interest... First of all, I apologize for the quality of Amber - I Don't Believe In Hate (Yinon Yahel Extended Mix). It Is a pre-release demo, but I just couldn't wait another few weeks for the official release to use it. I mean... hello... it's Amber and Yinon. Suffice to say, stunning. Alan T vs. Ferosh - That Jungle Sound (Tony Moran Mix) is not exactly hot off the press and, in fact I wanted it to be on my Purple Warm-Up Mix. I have never, however, been able to find a full version. That is until yesterday, thanks to above-and-beyond support from It is now included in it's full 10-minute tribal circuit goodness. Finally, Disco Freaks - Take Me 2 The Sun (Freemasons 2009 Remix) is not exactly new either. Mixes of it first made it's rounds back in 2007, but this 2009 refreshed mix by Freemasons has me loving it. I will say, it is probably my official song of the summer.

Anywho, have a very happy and safe holiday weekend!

Song listing:

  1. Italian Sushi - Take Me (MarioSpray Sun Mix)
  2. Shontelle feat. Akon - Stuck With Each Other (Rifs & Rays Club Mix)
  3. Lady Gaga - Paparazzi (Moto Blanco Club Mix)
  4. Cascada - Evacuate The Dancefloor (Cahill Remix)
  5. D.O.N.S Vs Jocelyn Brown - Somebody Elses Guy 2009 (Club Mix)
  6. Kristina DeBarge - Goodbye (Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Club Mix)
  7. Bimbo Jones - Freeze (Bimbo Jones 2009 Mix)
  8. Disco Freaks - Take Me 2 The Sun (Freemasons 2009 Remix)
  9. Heidi Montag - More Is More (Ralphi Rosario Dirty Club Mix)
  10. Kaci Battaglia - Crazy Possessive (Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Explicit Club Mix)
  11. U2 - Magnificent (Dave Audé Club Mix)
  12. Gia Bella - Back It Up (Dave Audé Club Remix)
  13. Katiana - Lucky Star (Extended Mix)
  14. Ministers De-La-Funk feat. Jocelyn Brown - Believe (Chris Moody Remix)
  15. Alex Sayz feat. Lawrence Alexander - Shame On Me (Original Extended Mix)
  16. Alan T vs. Ferosh - That Jungle Sound (Tony Moran Mix)
  17. Offer Nissim feat. Maya - Hook Up (Original Mix)
  18. Amber - I Don't Believe In Hate (Yinon Yahel Extended Mix)
  19. Tommy Vee and Mauro Ferrucci with Ce Ce Rogers - Stay (Nicola Fasano South Beach Mix)
  20. Sudha feat. Zoe Johnston - Leche (Thomas Schwartz & Fausto Fanizza Vocal Mix)

Happy Listening,