ClubChrisFM 2010 Sun Mix

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It's almost Summer, which means it's about time to get out in the sun! Here's a little funky house goodness for your pool-side partaking. Lots of fun, happy stuff here. I tried to keep it a little more on-point this year. No Gaga this time, kiddies, although she does make a brief cameo appearance (and don't give me any of that Alejandro static).

I did have my hand in putting together one of these songs. A little while back, Edson Pride released a somewhat Circuity mix of Groove Is in the Heart. I immediately purchased it, only to find out it was barely even a dub. Not really any vocals to speak of. Now, there was no way I could let that happen to such as fun and happy song as Groove, so I took a recent remake and parts of the original and threw them all together. I think the results are quite entertaining in my "groovy mashup".

My favorite new song on this mix would have to be Alexis Jordan - Happiness. I really like the song and its lyrics. Very uplifting. I was waiting -- in anxious anticipation -- for Dave Audé's remix. I heard a sample and knew it was going to turn out really well. When I finally obtained the full version, it exceeded my expectations. Such a nicely done, pretty production by him and the bridge gives me goose bumps every time (I did throw in a little more "sparkle", for good measure). It seems he is just at the top of his game these days. This song, to say the least, makes me very, well, "happy".

I always like to end my Sun mixes with a little bit of old-school disco. Anyone that knows me well, knows me and my relationship with "the Cake". By "the Cake", I mean Donna Summer's remake of the song MacArthur Park. A few months back, I had ran across a rare, different disco version of it by a different group (at least, that I had never heard and I'm a disco fanboy). I was all planning on using it to end this mix. That is, until it was a suggested by a friend that if I was going to end the mix with "the Cake", why not use the Queen's version? Well, I decided since I haven't ever used it before, I would finally bring it out to play. So Donna makes her appearance in the full 18-minute suite. Hopefully one day she'll find that recipe... only "heaven knows." Hahaha. :-)

Song listing:

  1. Kimberley Locke - Strobelight (Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Intro Edit)
  2. Hannah - I Believe In You (Riff & Rays Club Mix)
  3. Robyn - Dancing On My Own (Buzz Junkies Club Mix)
  4. Mojito feat. Wendy Jane Satchell - Good Times (Rob Hayes Uplfting Vocal Mix)
  5. Flyingmice - Glory Hallelujah (N Works Classic Soulndisco Remix)
  6. Soulfunky - Disco Daze (Groove Savor Remix)
  7. Beyoncé - Why Don't You Love Me (Redtop Club Remix)
  8. Rihanna - Rude Boy (Low Sunday Club)
  9. Paul Harris feat. Deborah Ffrenc - Sing Oh (Wideboys Miami Club Mix)
  10. Jonni Black vs. Shena - Take Me Higher (Original Mix)
  11. Horny United feat. Nad - Nobody (If I Can't Have You) (Born2Funk Deep Groove Mix / Xernomis's Vocal Edit)
  12. Doodge & Viper feat. Tag Team - Whoomp There It Is (Discode Remix)
  13. Tom Jones - She's A Lady (Funkstar Deluxe Club Mix)
  14. DJ Dan And Uberzone feat. Blake Lewis - Operator (DJ Dan & Mike Balance Disco Funk Remix)
  15. Debi Nova - Drummer Boy (Eddie Arroyo Remix)
  16. Ralphi Rosario feat. DJ Abel - La Pachanga (Native Drums Mix)
  17. Edson Pride vs. DSP/Deej & Deee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart (Xernomis's Groovy Mashup)
  18. Bastien Laval Feat. Layla - Restlessness (Filter Factory Disco Massive Club Vocal)
  19. Macy Gray - Beauty In The World (Cutmore Extended Remix)
  20. Jennifer Lopez - Louboutins (Cutmore Club Mix)
  21. Alexis Jordan - Happiness (Dave Audé Club Mix)
  22. Donna Summer - MacArthur Park Suite

Happy Listening,